JOE BLOW Gets Screwed by SHOTGUN BAILOUT (Part 2)


Joe Blow gets literally screwed by the infinity bailout round taking place in Europe by the criminal banking cartel. Join The Wave: Donate Subscribe to our FREE Newsletter

Floating RACE CARS !!! — Mind Blow #33


*** LINKS AND CLUES *** Brainless Fish Discovered Making Popcorn in Korea CLUE: Artist Who Invented gAtari? Portals Virtual/Real Parallel World Digital Face Transplant Car Seat Recognizes Your Butt CLUE: Landing Location of Mysterious Ball? Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe’Out Track Sea Tree Wildlife Refuge Watch video…

A new EARTH??? — Mind Blow #31


*** LINKS *** Largest Adult Insect Ever Found Zombie House CLUE: Astronaut’s Name Twine – Internet Connectivity Device Pin Press Shelf For Kids To Clean Up Slow Motion Egg Through A Racket Capturing Electricity In A Shoe 3D Print Human Bones Video: CLUE: Largest Insect’s Watch video…

ICICLE of DEATH — Mind Blow #30


*** LINKS *** Lightest Material Ever Japanese Snore Bear Robot Story: Video: Bubble Machine Maker Invoked Computing Website: Video: EXOdesk Eye-Asteroids Official Site: Video: Video: Lightest Material’s Unique Structure Piano Pull Robo-Ostrich FastRunner Rollerman’s Name Cleaning Robot Story: Video: Watch video…

REAL Iron Man Laser! — Mind Blow #21


Notorious BIG Parody — *** LINKS *** Photography Rube Goldberg Machine Robot Scratcher Palm Laser Star Wars Touch Screen Game Tetris Master World’s Steepest Rollercoaster Japanese Ice Aquarium Video Coat World’s Largest Photo World’s Largest Camera Hammock House Water Watch video…

Dominion’s Nuclear Power Plant in Surry Va, ready to blow?


For the full story go to Unit #1 of the Surry Nuclear power plant in Virginia billows steam after a reactor trip on 1/25/03.

What IS THIS???? Mind Blow #13


Mega Man Vs Gundam and Transformers Kevin’s Channel – Wooden Path 2 Electronic Origami Origami Robot Piggy Bank Pet Smirnoff And Pringles Homemade Pulse Laser Gun Wristwatch Motorcycles Picture of Sun Extraterrestrial Life n Meteorite? YES!!! Extraterrestrial Life In Meteorite? NO!!!! Watch video…

Computer BLOW OUT and PSA for not smoking!


I show you why you shouldn’t smoke, how to blow dust from a computer and how to dress properly for winter outdoor computer work.



Weirdos Of The Month #2 — VSauce Facebook — Kissing Machine Real FPS Display Easy Chair Cycle Folding Chair Recycled Circuit Chair Subwoofer Chair New Jetpack 270000 Legos Thunderstorm Clip Capacity District 9 Lego Gun N64 Koala Thermochromic Urinal NERF Watch video…

Kesha – Blow (Official Music Video) PARODY


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Watch video…

300 Music Video (Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away)


one of my first music videos! hope you enjoy it! Movie: 300 Music: Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away 8 Million Views! /dance **************************************** DANGGGG… 7 Million Views! Thanks! **************************************** 6 Million Views! awesome! Thanks! **************************************** 5 Million Views and still going strong! Thank you everyone! **************************************** I am so amazed this video Watch video…